Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Namdaemun is No More

1 week ago, South Korea's no. 1 national treasure, Namdaemun, built in 1398 was destroyed in a fire. A 69 year old man was distraught about not getting full compensation for land he had sold to developers. Sadly enough, this not the first time this man had burned the roof of the mother'... in 2006 he also set fire to Changgyeong Palace, also located in Seoul.

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Namdaemun (2006) is considered the gate to Seoul. It is also
cosidered South Korea's no. 1 national treasure.

Namdaemun (2008) during the blaze.

Namdaemun (2008) after the blaze. Koreans from near and far come
to visit this historical landmark and look in disbelief.
It is reported that it will cost an estimated $20 billion won
($21 million US dollars) to rebuild the city's treasure.

R.I.P. Namdaemun 1398-2008

Oddly enough, I was able to see the first hand damage a few days ago and it was an undescribable atmosphere. It is one of things that you would have to be there to understand. It is truly sad, but then, on the other hand hopefully this will make land developers and government officials think before they try to cheat someone out of there money.

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Samara Leigh said...

How sad to have lost such a valued national treasure. Especially when it was a cruel act of vengeance by one person.