Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's the Worst that Can Happen?

Okay, so where do I begin? Here goes..before I had gotten sick I had committed to photographing an event. Well, my sore throat had developed into flu like symptoms and I felt miserable, but I still had to go to work, so I had not had time to rest. In the interim, when I got off of work on Saturday I went home to rest hoping that I could break the slight fever I was getting. Even though I was sick I still felt like I had to honor my obligation, so I head to the event to take the pictures. After it was over and they saw how sick I was they told me not to worry about coming on Sunday to take pictures and to stay home and get some rest. She asked me why didn't I tell her that I was sick and my response was I didn't want to disappoint her and that I knew how important this was to her. At this point, time is getting away from me because the trains stop running at midnight and it is 10:50p, so I sprint to the subway station because I have 2 transfers to make and it takes me an hour and a half to get my mind I thought that I could make it. I was soooo wrong!

Timeline of Events

Saturday, March 15, 2008
7:45pm - leave house to go to event

7:55pm - train arrives

9:30pm - arrive to event

10:50pm - leave event

11:00pm - train arrives

11:35pm - transfer to train #1

11:55pm - train arrives

Sunday, March 16, 2008
12:05am - they make everyone get off the train and I was only one transfer away from being on the train I needed to be on to go home

12:06am - me thinking I can not believe this is happening

12:10am - try to catch a cab from subway station home, but I don't have cash

12:15am - walk to atm to get cash, but the atm's are turned off...not only does the subway stop working at midnight, so does the atm machines

12:16am - me thinking I can not believe this is happening

12:17am - regroup and try to figure out what to do next, so I start walking and I see a bus, I run and get on it, however it is going in the opposite direction of where I need to be going

12:22am - I see signs that say, "Olympic Park" Yippee! This is where Chris lives. I can just spend the night there until the subway's open back up at 6am

12:28am - I get off the bus too soon

12:29am - I look across the street and see Olympic Stadium, so I figure I was not that far from Chris's house

12:30am - I call Chris to see, if I could come to his place and to find out how far away I was. However, he was not home, but he said that I could go stay there (thank goodness for electronic locks).

I start walking towards the signs that say, "Olympic Park" I figure I was pretty close

I was wrong

12:45am - It starts raining

Raindrops keep falling on my head

My body is aching

I have an excruciating migraine and I left my medicine at home

and....I have to go to the bathroom really, really, really bad

I am still walking towards the signs that say, "Olympic Park"

Praying and asking God, to protect me and to not let any hurt, harm, or danger come to me and to please, please direct me and give me the strength to keep walking

12:50am - Neesa calls and stays on the phone with me until I get there

1:00am - Chris calls to see, if I am okay

I am still walking

1:05am - singing feet don't fail me know because at this point I don't know how much longer can do this

1:30am - after an hour of walking I FINALLY, arrive at Chris's. I go next door to get something to eat because I am famished

2am-6am - I stay up watching tv and occasionally dose off

6:10am - walk to subway station to go home

start falling asleep on the train

almost miss my stop

7:00am - FINALLY, arrive to Jeongja

7:10am - FINALLY, arrive to my apartment

I had to call somebody and tell them because I could not believe all that I had just experienced

Shower, fix breakfast, type this blog post, watch tv, & talk on the phone until I get tired because at this point I am wide awake, but I am so tired

9:30am - getting sleepy. GOING TO BED NOW!

10:30am - I thought I was going to sleep an hour ago

10:35am - dosing off

12:18pm - someone calls and wakes me up...*me screaming and kicking* dang it all I want to do is sleep I am so tired.

12:30pm - fix tea, mad because I can't go to sleep

1:00pm - watch a movie and wash clothes

3:00pm- my friend who called earlier and woke me up brought me food and medicine...aww how sweet

3:15pm - eat food, take medicine

4:30pm - FINALLY, I get to go to sleep



Until next time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't who will?



Kuesoom said...

Reading this post, I can tell that you are so blessed! In all you went through, God placed people who were there to support you, Chris' place, Neesa, etc.

Though you might be far from family and loved ones, Gods arm is not too short!

Hope you've recovered!

clo said...

I hope you finally got some rest and I hope the cold is over. Cant wait to see the pics of your event. Take care of yourself.

monaka said...

what a night!! i hope you will get rid of flu soon.

a tip for the future. in most of the cabs you can pay with your TMoney card.

Don said...

wow, Natarsha. Who would have thought? I figured you were under the covers enjoying your rest.

Sorry about that.

Natarsha said...

@ Keusoom: Thank you. God is so merciful.

@ Clo: Thanks. It is so hard to really get rest because I have to work everyday. You can not take off of work for anything..being sick is no excuse, as supposed to being in the States you can take off if you, but back home you could take off for anything. However, I was able to finally get some rest.

@ Monaka: I will make sure to put extra money on my TMoney card and to carry some extra cash with me. Thanks for the heads up!

@ Don: I was just trying to honor my word. I wanted to keep my commitment. I know how it feels to be let down when you have expectations about someone, so as long as I was able to walk and I was coherent then I had to do what I said I was going to do, but at the same time I have to use wisdom and not worry about what people will think. It was a learning experience. I was able to get some rest though.

Don said...

You appeat to be a wise woman, one of your word. Don't change.

Natarsha said...

Thank you. *smile*

Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Natarsha you are living proof that-- 'That that does not kill you, will make you stronger...'


kayellejaye said...

Aaaaw you poor thing! I was sick this wknd too, but I wasn't wandering the streets of Korea. I was laid out on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Now I feel bad for you.

Natarsha said...

LOL @ at me wondering the streets of South Korea while I was sick...For the sake of the

I hope you are feeling better.

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Wow...this sounds like a rough day. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound, and a bit tired! Love your flower picture on the post above and your slideshow is COOL! What program is it?
Try not to work too hard! Julie