Sunday, June 22, 2008

I speak Korean...Pt. 2

Today was a rainy morning and I didn't feel like getting up. It was one of those days where you just curl up in the bed, watch movies, and chill. Well, that was a nice thought...but I got on up and went to Korean class. I am glad that I went because I am one step closer to learning Korean...Yippee! I learned 12 new words and learned how to recognize the Korean alphabet, how to distinguish vowels from consonants, and how some letters do not have a sound in front of certain vows and consonants. Okay, so here is what I learned today...and I did so good today my teacher called me, genius, because I remember the words without even looking at my notes! Asa!

Now, this is how I remember what these words mean, but if you were to see them all you would see is lines and circles. Now, if I can remember that a circle means, ah, and a line means, i (ee), I could recognize the word without looking at my cheat sheet...hehehe

So here is my attempt to share with you what I learned today:

Tree - Na mu Milk - O yu
Meat - Go gi Here - Yo gi
Cow - So Baseball - Ya gu
Age - Na ee No - A ni yo
Mother - O mani Fox - Yo you
Singer - Ka sue Go - Ga yo

Now, ladies and gentlemen that's all for now...stay tuned as I conclude Hanguel Section

Until Next Time...

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