Friday, October 17, 2008

Dak Galbi...One Last Time

In between classes I got together with a few of my co-workers for a quick dinner. We went to the Dak Galbi restaurant and just talked about our different experiences in Korea. Coincidentally, this is Alex's last weekend here in Korea. He is scheduled to return back to the States next week. It has truly been a pleasure working with Alex. We even got our meal paid for, so this was definitely a great way to remember the Dak Galbi restaurant....ONE LAST TIME!

The Best Dak Galbi Restaurant (located in Jeongja)

Farewell, Alex. Best Wishes to you in all that you do!

Alex is a very talented writer check him out at, Writing the Ship @

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't who will?