Monday, October 13, 2008

A Wedding at Everland Amusement Park

WOW! Today was the best day ever to have a Fall wedding. What I experienced was no ordinary wedding. You literally left the wedding with your jaw dropped and thinking did that really just happen?? I guess this is what it is like to have a wedding at the Magic Kingdom? The Bride (previously) & The Groom works at an amusement park in Yongin, South Korea called, Everland. They held there wedding celebration in the Cabin Hall.

Hyun-Im is one of the secretaries at my job and invited me to her wedding. She allowed me to photograph her wedding along with the other photographers there. I also captured a lot of video because it is one of those things you have to see to believe. There were Minnie & Mickey like characters, an orangutan, a penguin, a cub, a meerkat (I think or something that looks like one), a marching band, a famous Korean singer, groom carrying mother of the Bride on his back and then running around the room to show his strength to support her daughter, groom dancing and the bride blushing, 4 photographers (including me), 3 videographers, a never ending buffet, and so much more...Whew! And this was just the ceremony...after the ceremony they had a private traditional ceremony for the family and lunch.

Here are a few images from the day. This is the most interesting wedding that I have been to all year. Now, the couple is off to Boracay for there honeymoon...And they lived happily ever after...Dreams do come true!

Look at the guys face as they walk into wedding hall and surprise the Bride

The Bride as they walked in the room...LOL

Quick pose for the camera...SAY KIMCHI!

The Orangutan

The Penguin

The Everland Marching Band

The Mr. & Mrs.

Serene Love

Silly Love

HAPPINESS! The first look of the Bride after the ceremony

I am truly blessed that the Bride allowed me to photograph her special day because this is the first wedding that I have ever photographed. I am proud to say that the first wedding I photographed was in South Korea! WOW! For her it is the beginning of a never ending love with her husband that grows stronger each day and for me it is the beginning of my journey as an International Photographer and the beginning of a never ending love that grows stronger each day.

Until Next Time...know that dreams do come true!

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kayellejaye said...

Niiiiiiice! I wish this was one of LRH's events and I was there too.