Friday, November 30, 2007

Pack it Up!

Each day I get closer to leaving, but today was different because I was actually making progress. I took the day off of work to take the boxes I had been packing all week. My house is no longer cluttered with boxes or piled with clothes. I pre-packed two suitcases, but it is not enough, so I decided to pack the remaining articles of clothes in flat rate boxes and ship them over, but I need to do that ASAP because it takes 7-10 days to get there. I'd rather over pack than not pack enough. I am packing for 365 days, 7 days a week afterall.

So it is a little after midnight on December 1 and I am sitting here with my friends watching the game LAL (88) vs UTAH (107) 4th Quarter 7:30 secs left in the game (by time you read this Utah would have won the game hands down). We finally have a tentative place to have my going away bash in 2 weeks. By time I have this party this will be my 3rd one. I originally planned on having 1 gathering, but that quickly turned into several smaller gatherings. It feels good to know that my friends are really going to miss me. I didn't realize I had so many friends. This is crazy!

In 25 days I will be moving from South East to South Korea (LMAO)...I still can not believe it before you know it I will be back saying I can not believe I did it! No matter how much things change they still stay the same. So I am really not going to be missing out on anything.

Until next time...

Love God, Love Yourself, and Love Life because if you don't who will?


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kayellejaye said...

From Southeast to South Korea. That is funny!