Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The B.O.N.I. Collection

Nfinity Images presents....The Beginning of Nfinity Images Collection

Over 2 years ago I discovered my passion and my talent for photography. Through this gift that was given to me I was able to start Nfinity Images a photography business based out of Washington, DC and now in Asia (South Korea). Well, what is my mission? I am glad you asked...I like to capture candid images that evoke natural emotions and feelings. I am fascinated with being able to tell stories with my images. I like to incorporate my attention to detail and timing when taking photojournalistic style portraits, weddings, and event images.

My goal is to make a connection between the time a person thinks and responds to the image; ultimately retaining the image in their mind for years to come. I like to use outdoor scenery as my backdrop whether it is on the side of a road in Jamaica with water crashing against mountain like rocks as my muse or in the alley of a residential neighborhood with a painted brick wall with exposed brick as my inspiration.

As time passed on I have been able to capture some timeless images. These are some of my favorite photographs from 2007.



Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Yourself, & Love Life because if you don't then who will?


DMB said...

Thanks for sharing your photographs. They're great!