Wednesday, January 9, 2008

School is in Session


You can run, but you can't hide!

Teacher, what are doing with that camera?? I don't know
what I am going to do with you teacher...(sigh)

My students hard at work on a writing assignment.

Alright, Teacher I will let you take a picture.

Okay, now let me get back to work.

Teacher, leave me alone. Go Away!

I am trying to finish this assignment.
Remember you only gave me 8 minutes to finish it!

"He is the Man"...he is taking a minute to pose for the camera,
while a student in the background and in front of him
are trying to distract him. See how is grabbing the pen
and someone is trying to put up 2 fingers behind his head.

Teacher, we are ready to go why are you still taking pictures.
As you can see one of my students is trying to avoid the camera.
These are the ladies hard at work in my morning class.
These are just a few of my students...Right now I teach 40 classes a week with a combined total of approximate 40-75 students per week.
Until Next Time...
Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because if you don't who will?


kayellejaye said...

These photos are great, Tash. Just be careful when you take pics of ppl's kids. I watched Turistas the other day and this man flipped out when a lady took a pic of his daughter. Although it was in Brazil, it's a no-no in some cultures to take pics of kids without their parent's permission. Fyi...

DMB said...

Interesting, Kayellejaye, thanks for the info-- especially since I posted a pic of some of my students last week!

Cute pictures, though!

Don said...

These kids are too cool for