Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let's Gogh!

Today, was the first time that I have been able to site see. It has been one of the best days I have had since I have been here. (Fastforward a few hours) After breakfast we went to go meet the rest of the group. We then had to hail down a because they will ride right past you, so after a 1 hour bus ride into Seoul the adventure began.

The bus we have to hail down and practically jump in the
middle of traffic for in order for it to stop or it will pass you..seriously!

The best teachers in the world (co-workers from SLI)

Van Gogh (art exhibit) Voyage into the myth

Do you see me? (hint: I am in the reflection of the marble)

I've got the golden ticket! (look at his expression,

Van Gogh is a dutch post-impressionist artist.
(impressionist: art movement and style of painting)
Some of his works include, "Starry Night" 1889 or you
may remember that he cut his own ear off during a seizure
in 1888.

The teachers looking at Van Gogh's paintings.

They are reading about his paintings in Korean. I had to
keep it movin' the left, to the

Clearly it says, "you can not take any pictures"

But that did not stop me. I was able to get a few pictures,
but they were watching us like a hawk in the museum.
I did get caught one time, but I couldn't understand what
she was saying, but then she said, "no picture".

And then I took another one when she turned her
I couldn't resist, but I wasn't the only one trying to take

I just took this to document that I went to this once in a
lifetime opportunity in Seoul, South Korea.

Hi Sunshine!!

People intrigued by the history of Van Gogh. And, thus this
ends our tour of the exhibit. After about 1 hour and 30 mins
at the exhibit we headed to the gift shop and brought some


People (here are some candid images I captured)

Kids in front of the museum (I caught them
off guard) that is why they are laughing so hard.

Say Kimchi!

Hi Teacher!

People leaving from the Seoul Museum of Art.
(Why do I keep wanting to sing the Friends theme song?)

Which way officer?


Random (candid images)

Image of daughter taking pictures of her mother
and sister..awww

Umm..yeah, I don't know what it says, but it looks, pretty.

I wonder what she is thinking while she is looking at this

Korean Street Food. You will never go hunger here
because there are stands like this on every corner.

There are shoe repair stands like this on every corner.
Whether you have a broken heel or you need your shoes
shined you can get it fixed here.

Mens Shoes

Alley..I wonder what is down there?
ahhh..on second thought?

Korean Flag


Seoul City Hall (Changing of the Guard)

What are you looking at?

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because if you don't who will?



Don said...

Once again, great pictures.

They really allow you to see Seoul life.

Natarsha said...

Thanks! That means alot coming from you. There are more great pictures coming soon..this is just the beginning.

kayellejaye said...

You are SO bad! Great photos.

Natarsha said...