Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To Self With Love

A few weeks ago, I said that 2/14/08 was the best day I had since I had been here..Well, after today...TODAY, was by far the best day I have had since I have been here. After the heck of a week I had last week I decided to join my co-workers for a day at the salon to relax, relate, and release.


We went to Toni & Guy which is a worldwide known salon brand synonymous with fashion, quality, and innovation. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with warm smiles. Workers took our coats and draped the ladies in Toni & Guy capes and then escorted to them to a chair to get there hair done.

I was escorted to the far corner of the salon to get a manicure and pedicure. While I was getting my pedicure I was served a cup of coffee and given a Elle magazine to read (which is an est. $15 or more in Korea), so it is nice to be able to read it for free! For a moment, I forgot that I was in Korea because I heard the Cupid Shuffle playing in the background..Now you know I wanted to get up and dance, but I just rocked from side to side instead..lol Come to think of it, they were playing all of the good songs from back in the States. I was starting to feel right at home.

While I was getting my manicure, my manicurist went and got me some snickers and fed them to me..I was like I could get used to this pampering..SOOOO, after a 3 hour manicure and pedicure I was feeling spoiled. After, I paid the $70 bill my manicurist helped me put on my coat and I walked off into the cold, blistery wind, with the after thought of Toni & Guy bringing a smile to my face...at that moment it hit me..I could definitely get used to this life. So, I figure I am going to go the spa/salon at least twice a month for the rest of the year. Love it!

During my manicure and pedicure I was able to get some candid shots of us at the salon.

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Life, & LOVE YOURSELF because if you don't who will?



Don said...

What happened to you last week?

Natarsha said...

What didn't happened...let's see things concerning my Family, Friends, Current Job, Previous Job before I got here, School, Finances, etc.

Natarsha said...


Don said...

Care to go into details?

Natarsha said...

No, not on my blog.