Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dr. Fishee

On Saturday, after work I went to go get my hair braided in Seoul. I met Neesa and we went to Gagnam to go to Dr. Fish. Dr. Fish is a cafe where you can eat, drink coffee, get your nails done, get a massage, and put your feet in a warm pool with hundreds of tiny fish nibbling away at the dead skin on your feet, hence Dr. Fish.

My feet are so ticklish. I could not stop laughing. It was hilarious.

Below is a few pics of us at Dr. Fish. Video coming soon!

Dr. Fish

The Preparation (Wash & Sanitize)

The Fish

Okay, so here goes...

15 minutes later I was finally able to put my feet in the water

30 minutes later Neesa and I were both able to stop laughing long
enough to keep our feet in the water longer than 5


Here is a picture of the Sunset I took on Saturday

Until next time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't who will?



clo said...

Hey Natarsha,
First about the birthday... mine is April 5th. I will make sure you get a card since you are so far away! with those fish! That was hilarious! You didnt say is the fish took care of their business! How did your feet feel or did you all laugh too much for anything to happen? :-)
Nice job on the sunset and congrats on the assignment.
Walk in His light!

Natarsha said...

I will remember to send you an e-card. That is sweet of you. I didn't ask any questions about how they took care of there business, as long as, it wasn't in there when I put my feet in and they didn't do it while my feet where there. At some point I am sure they take the fish out and clean the water. My feet felt so soft. I even kept my feet in for an extra 15 minutes. Thanks for the comment.

Have a blessed week!

kayellejaye said...

Giiiiiiiiiiiirl! You are better than me. I don't know if I coulda done that. I get grossed out when fish get too close to me in the ocean.

clo said...

you are crazy girl I was talking about the fish taking care of YOUR FEET! lol

Nice pic of the rabbit...

Don said...

I myself started laughing when I saw your feet in the water, so I imagine how hilarious it was for you. Seems like that would be super ticklish. Especially to a woman.

The sunset and picture of the sunset is beautiful.

Natarsha said...

@ Clo: lol

@ Don: lol..thanks! I am glad you liked my picture.