Monday, April 7, 2008

A Day to Remember

I celebrated my 26th Birthday in South Korea on Sunday, April 6.

Just to highlight some of the things that took place on yesterday:
* I was able to minister to someone and SHARE THE LOVE of Jesus Christ
* I went to CHURCH
* Watched the changing of the guard and TOOK PICTURES with the guards
* I went to a play called, Cookin' NANTA
* I made my ACTING DEBUT in Nanta
* I GOT MARRIED and had a WEDDING FEAST made in my honor
* I went to, THE PLACE and had dinner with my friends
* To cap of the night I went to COLD STONE for an ice cream cake
* My friends sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
* And then I went home and took some THERAFLU because I am coming down with, yet
another cold/flu
* And then I PASSED what a wonderful day! I had a great time, friends,
fun, and laughter!

Yesterday, was just one of those days where you had to be there to believe it...

After church.

Having a little fun...I am 26! I am getting

Neesa and I taking a picture with one of the Guards at City Hall.

On my way to the play Cookin' Nanta. shouldn't have?? All this for me..*tear*

This play is about a group of chefs' preparing a wedding feast for a bride and groom. Unbeknownst to me this is an interactive play and they during one particular part of the play they pick a 2 people out of the audience to taste the soup they have prepared. Well, guess who the picked as the bride??? You got it..they picked ME!

My acting debut.

Me making my acting debut in the play NANTA. My friends said that I was really funny. I wish they had recorded it, but luckily my friends snuck and took some pictures of me on the stage.

Me at my wedding that I didn't know about! Okay, so after they finished making the food for the wedding and baked the cake they presented the food and they was like know let us welcome our bride and groom and then they put this picture up from when me and my "husband" was on stage tasting the soup. I couldn't not believe of all the pictures they took the one of me acting They even gave us a copy of this picture after the show...And then when they showed this picture they said, HAPPY WEDDING! And sang and danced, it was HILARIOUS! After the show my friends kept teasing me and saying that it seems like I am about to get married soon, I laughed and I started praising God for my future husband...Thank ya! lol


My friends and I.

Having dinner at the Place with friends, fun, & laughter.

mmmmmmmm....COLD STONE! Love it!

My friends treated me to an ICE CREAM BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Neesa and Kelly putting candles in my cake!

Me cutting an ice cream with a plastic knife..

I had to get up in that cake and it still wasn't working so...

We just dug in with our spoons and made imaginary lines to make sure know one ate on our side of the was funny

We punished this ice cream cake..this is mid-way through..

Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday and making it a memorable one! Smooches!

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't then who will?



Neesa said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday!! I had a blast. I look forward, to this weekend, massagee!! Love ya girl. Oh, I posted a new blog. Check it out.

Don said...

Happy Belated, Natarsha.

It appears (especially by your words) that you had a great time on your bday.

I made my ACTING DEBUT in Nanta I see. And you're getting married soon...

Love the braided look.

How does it feel to be 26?

And I agree, y'all punished that cake. lol.

Natarsha said...

@ Neesa: I had a great birthday. It was so much fun! Thanks for helping me celebrate it. It was definitely a memorable one. Love you too. I am really looking forward to the massage at the end of the week!

@ Don: Thank you! I had a great time. And I'm getting married soon, really?? YES! lol I wonder what my future husband is doing right now, or if I have met him yet, or does he know that I am his wife?? lol It feels great to be 26 the years have gone by, so quick. I remember my last birthday like it was yesterday. That cake was so good! I might have to go get at another one real soon, just or maybe I am just real hungry right about

kayellejaye said...

Mmmm...Cold Stone Creamery...

In Korea? I knew they were everywhere, but DAMN.

Glad u had a great B-day, Tash!

Natarsha said...

I was just as surprised when I saw Cold Stone for the first time here. I was like there is no need for me to come back to America. I have everything I need right here.

Thanks, I really did have a great birthday! Only in Korea! Wow! a few years I can look back and say when I was 26 I celebrated my bday in South Korea..who does that??? LOL