Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bend it Like Beckham

Today, I went to my very first soccer game at the World Cup Stadium. In fact, the World Cup Championship was held here in 2000. Today, LG & Busan played against each other and LG WON! WOOHOO!

World Cup Stadium

Soccer is also known as Football in South Korea

LG vs. Busan...My view from the stands

LG fans are the best...they keep the crowd hyped up

Players walking on the field

LG...taking there positions huddle

I was surprised to see a black person playing soccer on a Korean team

I was shocked to see 2 black people playing soccer...1 was on each team

You got knocked the *bleep* out...(saying it in my Chris Tucker voice) lol

Someone please call 911...(singing in my Wyclef voice) lol

A little half time photo action

This man was so amazing with the soccer ball

His foot action was off the hook...

I had put the camera up for the night until...I was on my way home on the train and I looked down and saw a guy with some "timbs" (timberlands) reminded me of home where the fellas would were timbs all the I took a picture because I have never seen a Korean man with timbs on...He is keepin' it

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't who will?



kayellejaye said...

LOL. You silly. Now I got Chris Tucker and Wyclef stuck in my head.