Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

Today, I visited the Demilitarized Zone. South Korea and North Korea are the only 2 countries in the world that are still divided. The DMZ is a way to see both South and North Korea because they are technically still at war when going to the DMZ you must be escorted by South or North Korean Soldiers. I was fortunate enough to go visit the DMZ with a tour group here in Seoul called, Adventure Korea. Adventure Korea is a great way to see the different sites of Korea at an inexpensive rate while getting to meet new people.

The road to North Korea

The Peace Bell

Having lunch with the Adventure Korea tour group

Me taking a pic in front of N. Korean Soldiers at Dorasan Station

Cynthia, Ashley, & I taking a pic with a N. Korean Soldier at Dorasan Station

Ashley, Cynthia, and I at the Dora Observatory the last stop on the DMZ tour

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Anonymous said...

When I live in Europe we visited all kinds of Castles,Concentration Camps and Anne Frank's House where she and her family was in hidding. I don't know if it depends on your personality,your compassion or more importantly YOUR SPIRIT. On those grounds and sites is where people have lost their lives through creulty to bring our world (not in its current state) but where it is today. You can actually feel the pain and suffering. It was a sad experience. At least it was for me. We (AMERICANS) are so ungrateful for our FREEDOM. We don't help others who really need it. We don't respect the older generation. It is just a sad world we live in right now. The lack of love for mankind especially within your own race is terrible. Sorry had to get this off of my chest.