Wednesday, November 26, 2008

30 days away

1 year ago I started this blog as a way for family and friends to keep track of my journey as I took a leap of faith to move to Asia, Bundang, South Korea for 1 year. Well, family and friends the year is coming to an end and I will be returning home to the United States in 30 days. I will be home shortly after Christmas. It sucks that I have to miss yet another holiday, but at least I will be able to bring in the New Year with my family.

I won't be celebrating Thanksgiving because it is an American holiday, so instead I will be going to TGI Friday's with a few co-workers to semi-celebrate, since we have to work from 4p-10:45. Holidays are not the same overseas and I prefer not to celebrate them because it makes things more depressing and makes me miss my family and friends more. Surprisingly, I have not gotten homesick here because I have been keeping myself extra busy, which is a good thing.

Well, the bell just rang for the next class...Gotta go!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't who will?