Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween @ LEI (Seoul, South Korea)

Halloween in South Korea is pretty much non-existent, but this is where the foreigners (Americans, Canadians, etc.) improvise and make the best of it...The teachers at my job dressed up and the kids came to our office to trick or treat in between classes. There was even a monster running through the halls and scaring the kids...which was hilarious. See for yourself!

Happy Halloween!

Bros. Grimm's Fairytale: Hansel & Gretel - The Halloween Day Version I attempt to tell my kids a scary story. I punked out and told them the story of Hansel & Gretel and tried to make it scary since it is

Monster Mike Scares the Kids @ LEI (part 1)
Head Teacher Mike dresses up as something "SCARY" and attempts to scare the kids in various classrooms.

Monster Mike Scares the Kids @ LEI (part 2)

Kids trick or treating in our office.

The staff & kids: Happy Halloween!

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