Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Are You Waiting For?

I am a huge Joel Osteen fan. He is an amazing speaker and he is just a real down to earth person. He has joy and peace that exudes him. I signed up some months to receive his daily devotionals "Today's Word with Joel and Victoria" when I was going through some test and trials. His word is always on time and no matter what I am going through I can find truth, healing, and encouragement in his word to get me through. During my prayer time over the past few months God has been revealing some things to me, but specifically he has been dealing with me in regards to some questions I have been asking about the direction of my life and while reading back through some of the devotionals last night I came across this:

Pursue Your Strengths (from December 3)

Today's Scripture “Do not neglect your gift…” (I Timothy 4:14).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria
God has equipped each one of us with specific gifts and talents. It’s up to you to not only to identify those gifts, but to be disciplined to develop those gifts. You have to learn to stay in your strength zone. What are you naturally good at? What do you enjoy doing? Take the time to identify your strengths and weaknesses and as the scripture says, give yourself to your gifts. In other words, don’t spend all your time trying to improve your weaknesses. Don’t waste valuable days pursuing things that are outside your main gifting. Focus on your strengths. There is something that you’re good at naturally—something you can do that comes easy to you. Step out into your area of gifting. Are you good with people? Are you good with your hands? Do you have a great voice? Find ways to develop those gifts. Know that your gifts and talents are a part of your divine destiny. If you’ll be comfortable with who God made you to be, and thank Him for your unique gifting, you’ll not only enjoy your life more, but you’ll be ready to receive the abundant blessing God has in store for you!

A Prayer for Today
Heavenly Father, thank You for equipping me with everything I need to be successful in this life. I ask that You show me how to develop the gifts within me for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

For more on Joel Osteen visit: http://www.joelosteen.com/

Until next time...

Love God, Love Yourself, & Love Life because if you don't who will?



kayellejaye said...

Amen! Are you gonna try to find a church while you're in Korea? I'm sure there's one close to or on one of the bases.

Don said...

You are definitely an Osteen follower. You write and speak exactly like him. lol.

Good stuff.

Natarsha said...

Thanks! I have had a few people tell me that I was going to have my own ministry one day, so I guess I am getting ready..lol