Monday, January 14, 2008

Lettuce Eat!

In case you are missing me...

Just know that I am missing you and thinking of you...too!
This is the church I attend in Bundang it is called,
Global Mission Church. The main location is in the white
building (2001 Outlet) that is where the Korean members
attend and the brown building is where the English service
is held. The membership is over 10,000 and they had to
expand to the brown building.
The doors I walk through to get to church.
Service was good today the Pastor talked
about "Making Wise Decisions", it was good
stuff. Have you been making wise decisions,
if not consider your past when making future
decisions?? Think about it. After service I
went to bible study and then after that I went
to lunch with a nice Korean lady I met last
week at Church, but before that I had to go to
Krispy Kreme and get me a half a dozen donuts.
(The Krispy Kreme is right next to the church..Yippee!!)

One of these places is where I ate.

Now, let's EAT!

In the Korean culture you must take off your shoes before
entering someone's home and in some restaurant's as well.

How low can you go?? In most restaurant's
you sit on heated floors to eat.

Michelle (the nice Korean lady I met at church) and I eating
Dwegi Gulbi (?)

Me concentrating on how to use these dang chopsticks.
In the Korean culture they do not use forks, spoons, or
knives they use chopsticks and scissors (see them laying
on the table to your right), but they will give you utensils
if you want them.

The finished product. How to eat: Take a piece of lettuce,
1 piece of meat, and some fixin's, wrap it up...
And EAT!
And now I present is served with every meal!
Water Kimchi (Like how I put the water bottle
in the picture)

Cucumber Kimchi

Traditional Kimchi

Me eating Kimchi (the guys in JS would be proud of me.
Look at me I conquered my fear and I am eating Kimchi
and I liked it!!) By the way Kimchi is fermented cabbage.

Yes, she is cleaning lettuce, etc. on the street!
Until next time...
Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because if you don't who will?


Don said...

That must be some kind of cool to live in an overseas country and be able to experience a culture completely opposite of yours.

What denomination is the church?

The food looks pretty good.

They have those Krispy Kreme donuts everytwhere, I see. lol.

kayellejaye said...

Mmm...kimchee. I haven't had that in years. It's so good. It makes my head sweat. Great if you have a cold. It's better than Vicks.

Lettuce wraps are yummy too. At least at PF Chang's. I haven't had them Korean style yet.