Sunday, January 6, 2008

Soooo Many Churches

Before I came to Korea I researched on-line churches in my area and I found a really nice Christian church called Global Mission Church. There are many churches in South Korea practically on every corner as a matter of fact when I look out my bedroom window there is a red neon cross that sits on top of a church...

This Sunday I visited the Global Mission Church which has a English speaking service..Yes! They have a section of there church called Global English Ministry which focuses on sharing the love of God in English to Foreigners visiting from other countries who want to worship during there temporary stay in Korea or Koreans who want to learn or improve there English. This church has over 10,000 members and has an amazing outreach. The church is mission based which was one of the things that drew me to this church. Since going on a mission's trip in August of 2007 to Jamaica my life changed and I started to see God reveal his plan for my life, if I continue to remain in his word. I signed up to volunteer to go to 2 orphanages on Saturdays & Sundays to go teach the Bible in English..I want to be a blessing to others just as God has been a blessing to me.

In order for God to do what he needed to do in my life I needed to be able to let go and let God and give him room to move and adjust some things in my life. So the good thing about being in Korea and one of the reasons why I am here is because I have to be obedient to the voice of God and move when he says move, so I did just that. While I am here I have a lot of time to get in the face of hear his hear what he says about my life, my future, my future husband, my future children, my business, my finances, my family, my friends, etc. Are you waiting to hear what God has to say about your life, well the answer is right in front of you, if you stop looking to everyone, but God you will find what you are looking for...just be patient and he will reveal it to you..BE BLESSED AND HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR! GET IT IN YOUR SPIRIT THAT 2008 IS THE YEAR OF NEW BEGINNINGS!

Until Next Time...

Love God, Love Yourself, & Love Life because if you don't then who will?