Saturday, March 1, 2008

On Vacation

Today, is the commemoration of Korea's Independence Movement.

This means that I am on vacation for a few days...YES! It is much needed. I will take this time to go visit my friends in other parts of Korea, whom I have not seen since New Year's Day. I can not wait to see them.

I will be on a mini-vacation from today until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time...

Love God, Love Life, & Love Yourself because, if you don't who will?



Don said...

Enjoy your vacation, Natarsha.

mnk said...

i like your blog too! have you been enjoying korea so far? have fun on your vacation^^

clo said...

Hi Natarsha,
In case you hadnt visited my blog again I wanted to let you know I have been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now. I was excited to see you had been to my blog! I am sorry you will not be able to go to the workshop with Ross. However I know you know that God has His own plan that we must follow and His is the best! I enjoy your pictures you are good at what you do. I hope you are enjoying Korea. I will start checking in from time to time to see how your journey is going. Please visit my site whenever you can and leave ANY and all comments on my pics.. I really appreciate it! So far my journey has been very exciting!
Walk in His light!

Natarsha said...

Don: Thanks! I will. It is much needed.

MNK: I am glad that you like my blog. Korea is growing on me. I like it alot.

Clo: I am glad that you enjoy my blog. I will be even better once I get my Canon 5D, right now I have been using my Canon point and shoot. I left my Canon Digital SLR back home because I didn't have room for it. I am in the process of buying another SLR. I can't wait until I get it, so people can see my skills. May God continue to bless you and unfold your gift.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them.

Natarsha said...

I am so happy to have people leave comments.

Don you are so faithful to me..Thanks for hanging in there with me and being supportive.

I graduated to 3 comments. Yippee! I am moving on up...

Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Make that four comments! Just remember, how much you're loved is not reflected in your blog stats!!! THank you for visiting our blog and reminding us that photography is a ministry. Many people don't see it that way, but we just lay it down every day all over again. THanks for sharing your experiences on this blog. I will check back :) Blessings to you, Julie

clo said...

Good luck with that 5D. What kind of SLR did you leave at home? I feel like I need a college degree again to figure mine out although I am SUPER excited to pick it up and learn new things every chance I get. Also listen to Julie that number doesnt mean anything...
Be safe and walk in His light! :-)

Natarsha said...

Julie: Thanks! That is true the blog stats do not mean anything.

Clo: A Canon Rebel XTI. Every time I pick it up I am always learning something new. I took a intro to photography class and a portfolio development class, it was very helpful. You will be a pro with your camera in no time.

Julie & Clo: Have a blessed week!

clo said...

Hey natarsha,
I was going back in your blog and what do I see??? Your birthday is April 6th... mine is April 5th!

Walk in His light!