Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Got Served...R16 World BBoy Championship

After work, Chris, Neesa, and I met up to go to the BBoy Competition. We had a really good time and plus it gave us something to do instead of being in the house on the weekend. We even got a chance to watch some of the Korean Crews practice minutes before they went to battle on stage.
I couldn't stop saying, "YOU GOT SERVED" after the battle

Take a look at some of the pics I took with my trusty point and shoot.

Today, I attended the R16 World BBoy Championship: Korean Eliminations in Gyeonggi-Do Seongnam City. According the description posted on Facebook, "The Top Bboy (Breakdance) crews from all over Korea will come together to compete in a tournament style Competition for the right to represent Korea at the R16 World Bboy Championships and Urban Arts & Culture Festival to be held in Suwon City from May 30 to June 1st. The R16 Urban Culture Festival is the largest Urban Arts festival in Asia with over 300+ artists,Bboys, DJs, Graffiti Writers, MCs, special performers, and exhibitors from over 25+ different countries from around the world.
South Africa, Brazil, USA, Japan, China, France, Italy, Spain and much more."

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kayellejaye said...

I would've loved to have seen this. On 'So You Think You Can Dance' there's this b-boyer named Hawk that I love. He's Japanese. His tricks are amazing.

Natarsha said...

I am going to have to You Tube it, so I can see him. They are having a Urban Festival in May that I am exited to go to. It is supposed to showcase some of the best b-boy'rs in Korea...

Anonymous said...


I just got to seoul,teachin english.

Could you post details on tickets/time/locations for R16 in May or direct me towards a site for info?

much appreciated

Natarsha said...

Hello Anonymous,

All I know is that it is going to be in Suwon City on May 30-June 1. I found out from a friend about this event on Facebook, so I would suggest that if you are on Facebook that you sign up on the South Korea network and as more details become available you can find out as they post them. When more information becomes available I will try to post it here. Hope this helps.

Hope you are enjoying your time teaching here.

Mike said...

For more details, check out the r16 website.

Supa Fly said...

wow, i googled "r-16" and "gyeonggi-do" and your blog was on the first page!!! hee-hee, i just thought that was cool :)