Sunday, April 27, 2008

CGV Movie Theater

I love the movies! As a matter of fact just give me a comfy chair and some movies and I am good...I was a little disappointed when I got here because I just knew that I was not going to be able to watch a movie because it would be in Korean. Well, I was proved wrong. When I first arrived to Korea, 4 months ago today they first thing I did was go to a movie theater to go see, "American Gangster" although it was in English, it had Korean subtitles. The good thing about the movies here is that they have movies in English and Korean, however, the Korean movies do not have English sucks, because some of there movies are really good. I just went to go see, "Taken" it was sooo good. The next movie I am going to see is, "Street Kings". I plan to go to the movies every week because, if you go to a matinee it is only 4,000 won or $4.00 US. You know each day I find something that makes me re-think about staying in Korea just a little longer than a year.

Sweet Popcorn & Buttered Popcorn...Yummy!

Until Next Time...

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